Tantra, ayurveda and shamanic wisdom are the main sources of inspiration for Maija’s life-art. Recognizing Mother Nature, the supreme energy, Shiva-Shakti- or whatever name he/she/it has- as the connecting truth in all the ancient and modern philosophies and rituals. None of the above has anything to do with believe systems or religion. Blindly believing any scripture, guru, teacher or leader, just because everybody else does, has never been an option to Maija. Freedom has always been her main drive, and truth her own to be discovered.

By experience, experiment, practice, failure, and a never ending curiousity into the mysteries of life, Maija’s life has meandered through happiness and sorrow, loneliness and connection, to slowly take root into a deeper trust in the cosmic flow that has it’s place for every living creature.

As yogateacher and retreat leader Maija will lead you through practices and meditations, in a grounded, compassionate and playful way. Some of it will work for you, some will work for others. There is not just one way to find your path, and everybody has their unique rhythm in time to grow. A teacher hands you tools and hopefully inspires you, but you have to do the work yourself. And most importantly, you have to open yourself to receive whatever lesson is there for you to be learned. And it’s not always what you expect..

“ I am not here to promiss miracles. Yes, the practice of yoga and meditation will help you to experience more freedom, happiness and connection. My workshops and retreats will give you a taste of that. But then it takes time, effort and practice to integrate positive change into your every day life. And by practice I dont just mean doing the poses. So, all of that is up to you. I however, would be happy and honored to be your tourguide on your inner journey towards bliss.”